Do certain workouts or exercises prevent aging more than others?

There has been an absurd amount of research looking into how exercise impacts the aging body.

Some types of exercise are much more effective than others when it comes to enhancing health, maintaining function, and delaying the negatives effects of aging.

These include:

  1. Strength Training
    1. This has been shown to cause improvements in both bone mineral density and muscle mass.
    2. There is also the potential to stave off age-related declines in metabolic health.
  2. Running
    1. Improvements in bone mineral density at the hip and spine
    2. Improvements in cardio respiratory fitness, and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
    3. Improvements in cognitive function and a reduced risk of neurodegenerative disease
  3. High Intensity Interval Training
    1. Large improvements in cardiovascular fitness and mitochondrial health
    2. Improvements in artery and vein function and better blood flow to your body

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