Do doctors outside the UK have secret codes?

We used to use FLK in the US as well. Probably the most classic is "Gomer," and they aren't so much code as jargon (professional shortcuts for the sake of time-saving). Now, the US pretty well has been forced to stop being descriptive, and medical notes are much less informative than they used to be. Now, instead of a two- or three-minute note, we spend ten or twenty minutes on computer data entry, which gives the "coders" and billing department everything they want, but does little to convey medical information. Of course, patients often get a copy of their records these days as well, and that's another reason our notes have become less colorful. Being from the southern US, I even have a bit of a lexicon specific to that region. A good example is DFO for a syncopal episode (in southern US dialect, "he done fell out").

Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian or bisexual or heterosexual?

Probably not. As the others say, she is in a heterosexual marriage, complete with kids and has never been known to have had a lesbian relationship or even a fling.  This is not an absolute garantuee of course but why

What is the best way to lose 60 pounds in 6 months?

HiSorry in advance for the length of the answerThe best ways to lose weight AND keep it off, which can be even harder, is to look at lifestyle change rather than dieting.Never fad diet or fast, as these can help

Is it okay to have no ambition?

Yes,  this is perfectly okay if you have no ambition.  Not everyone in this world desires to achieve a particular thing so passionately. This world is full of variety of people. If we have ambitious ones,  we have non-ambitious ones too. Congratulations,  you belong to the other group.