Do feelings for someone ever go away?

THE feeling for someone never goes away if it is true it will be there running through your veins mixed with blood even if you don't realize it .

There was this person I met some two years back we enjoyed each other presence and then something happened and we got disconnected due to some reason .

and got busy with in our own life .

but while I was busy with my college and friends .

After one year

one day I was there in my college and encountered with the same moment I had earlier with that person .

And I could feel the same feeling I felt with that person remembering each bit of talk, laughs, giggles ,conversation ,argument everything and in my present I got lost in my past (present ) with such an intensity that I had no clue what is happening around me .

My friends came asked to me," what happened ?

I had nothing to say I stood still with a blank face .

It was strange for me cause usually I don't remember things.

and I was like

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