Do ghosts really exist?


I was having drinks with my friends at my place; I got a call from my girl friend (now ex) that she can't sleep as she is alone (scared of ghosts even if there is nothing paranormal); her both flatmates went to their hometown. I was abused by my friends for leaving in middle but I have to. Midnight it was; was riding a bike; I saw like from 50mtr; A woman in pure white saree with long black hair (like in bollywood movies; ghost appearence); I can't see her face due to headlights, she signalled for a lift by stretching her right arm horizontally; the odd thing, she was standing on the right side of road. A thought came in me that she might be with a gang who loot; or might be a ghost. I was on 85Kmph and maintained the same speed and thanked God for being saved. After 2minutes; I could see her long black hair n flying pallu; she was sitting on the bike behind my back. As I don't keep side mirrors so I can't see her face. I don't have balls of steel and penis of iron that would help me turn my fucking head backward and witness her. And I thought, that I am under influence of alcohol that's why am imagining but I could see people driving on road; means i'm in senses and she was still there. I was just putting rationale to what I was actually watching, blaming it on alcohol even I was in my complete senses. It was like 1 minute with her. I saw a person not riding the bicycle but walking with it. I stopped the bike close to him and asked "could you see anyone behind me?" This slim 38–40 year old man having a bit dark complexion sporting a rough beard; dressed in a round fake Nike Tee shirt and very lose formal brown trouser wearing a bit torn sport shoes was surprised n would be thinking that I'm insane, said "no" with a very polished urban accent which does not justify his appearence and bicycle he had; a black Atlas. I saw behind, she was not there. I narrated him the story and was thinking that he would tell me something that yeah there is female ghost living on this road...but he said that I am living here since 1998 and generally commute via this road day/night; there is nothing paranormal here. I was relieved but was so scared that I lost the effect "suroor" of alcohol in just 20minutes. I gathered guts n drove the bike to my gf place; and I thought that what I saw, can't be true as the ghost looked like what we see in bollywood movies and blamed alcohol for feeding imagination to my brain. I want to tell this to my girl friend but it was not a good idea as she would be scared till her last breath. She opened the door and asked me to firstly park the bike inside the house premesis as there were few theft cases in neighbourhood. I told her will do it later; give me food to eat as I'm out of energy n hungry. There was no food; She and I dont know how to cook; Unluckily there was no maggie. Thank God, I could see two apples. After 15min she reminded me to park the bike inside. I opened the main door and there was the same woman in white saree standing close to bike; Now I could see her face. She was vanishing and then coming back like in a bollywood movie Mr. India. I went to washroom and face washed. I asked my girl friend to come outside, she said "no & why?" but I don't want to tell her because from last nearly 1hour I don't want to trust my eyes. I actually dragged her till main door; She and I saw that woman in white saree vanishing and then coming back in real near the bike. My gf murmured "Ghost" and fainted. First time, I realized that I was actually watching a Ghost and tears came from my eyes.

I still remember that ghost's face with a smirk; fair skin with no scars or anything; just pinkish complexion.

There is a more to this story; the most scary scene is yet to come; would write in morning even it's just around 11 pm but I am scared as I'm alone sitting in a hotel room in Jaipur. Will complete this answer in the morning or let's stop this story... Anyways, Swear it's a real story; I know few will not believe me even I used to make shit stories about ghost and then laugh with friends in graduation days but when you see a ghost in me wish you never witness a real one! #GodBlessMeAndYouAll

Here is the remaining story (updated at 3:30AM IST; ghost time)

Part 2:-

I am very normal human being not having bulky #machine body; I am not from army, r&aw, neither am priest but I do have a good working brain, trust me even when i'm screwed my brain does not stop working would not give a credit to my engineering background as most engineers do.

My gf was laying on ground, I was fucking scared and I could see the ghost vanishing and coming in real. I dont want to go inside the house; I really want to be in open; I can't leave my girl friend; even at this time it's about own survival and ethics is the last thing to be cared but I loved her; I picked up my gf n lay her down at lawn's boundary outside the main door while keeping my eye contact with that ghost. Even I was screwed but in order to complete this small mission (to be outside of house premesis) I have to see what ghost would do so I have to make eye contact (I forget that scared ppl dont make eye contact). Less than a metre distance from ghost, I realized the spirit is getting weak and starting to disappear. If you think that I got some courage to do that; no I didn't have a pinch of courage that time just my brain made me busy in something; might be love for my gf helped me to distract. When you distract yourself then you forget about being in fear and negative energy can't hold you.

My gf came in senses, hugged me and told me something which I really want to listen as our relationship was going on a bad track. We went inside the house, we were so screwed that we don't want to be alone; we actually urinate together in washroom. My gf slept and I went outside to abuse the watchman; I knew would be sleeping at corner of the street which led thefts in neighbourhood; my reason was to make him alert so he could have witnessed that ghost. I was about to reach the green shed and what I saw was shocking, same bicycle person was standing outside the shed. I was screwed but I dont know what is installed in me; right from childhood when I saw a horror movie alone then I come outside the home n feel safe in open. I step my feets back and sat at someone's house lawn's boundary wall and kept looking at him. He did not move, he was randomly looking here n there n in btw at me at last he picked the cycle and started walking. While crossing me, his face changed, shaped to that's women's (ghost) face while body remained the same of man. She tried to scare me so that she could enter in my body; yes I felt like something trying to invade me. I was weak but my unshaken eye contact saved me. Face changed again and he walked with the bicycle and disappeared. I remember that my gf was alone at home, I run back to house n we left to my place.

I googled stuff at night to get rid of this ghost but I got very foolish ideas or very time taking processes. I don't want to see a pundit/priest/mullah. Next day, I trashed me and my gf's clothes even undergarments and shoes which we were wearing that night in dustbin 10km from my place. I put petrol in the dustbin and ignited it with other trash already present, sold my bike, my gf shifted in pg. We went to Manali for four days and then next month I bought a new bike and she shifted to a new rented flat. I don't know if igniting stuff, selling bike and changing house helped us, I think my eye contact saved us even I'm still scared while writing this answer. Still don't know why that ghost i.e woman/bicycle person (same spirit) troubled me. I saw that person twice after that incident in the city. I ignored him n moved on. Second time, I witnessed him with my friend. Thank God he could see him; it's so relaxing that you alone not watching that shit. It's been many years; haven't seen that spirit; I'm still at peace :)

PS: I understand one thing that night. It's myth that alcohol gives you guts. At first place I thought suroor helped me to not to get a heart attack when the ghost sat on my bike. Being scared, I lost surooor... the second and third interaction with ghost was handled by will power. Always make eye contact, it makes you strong and confident even if interaction is with ghost, interviewer or boss.

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