Do girls like tall or medium height guys?

Tall. Almost every single time. Short (or "medium") guys get ignored by women because most women do not want the default/mediocre in a man. Women tend to want the best, most elite of men (this is called "hypergamy") and when it comes to physical characteristics, tall is always better than shorter.

When it comes to North American and European men, "tall" among men would be at least 6′1″/185cm. Anything below 6′0″/183cm would at least be, as you call it, "medium" and not an attractive or advantageous trait whatsoever in attracting women. Being mediocre in size is no more attractive to women than being right-handed or having two eyes or having five fingers on each hand or being nice.

What is something everyone should know about guns?

There are a few things I think people should know.In most circumstances, especially with newer firearms today, it is not a clip, it is a magazine. A clip is what is used to hold cartridges together and you place it over a magazine and push the cartridges in for a speed load. A magazine

Are Tyrell Wellick and Elliot Alderson the alter egos of same person in the show Mr. Robot?

It's possible that Elliot has taken over the personality of Tyrell after his death (possibly after killing him), not unlike the way he has taken over his father's personality after he died. Tyrell's wife's reaction to Elliot claiming to be

Does fake news exist?

It absolutely exists, though, it would be better classified as Dishonest News. What that means is, the media doesn't always outright lie or fabricate a story....they just take some/any of the facts that fit their agenda, and run opinion reporting on it, while excluding other crucial details that would run counter to their desired