Do good people think evil?

Of course . ‘Evil' , in some definitions , differs than in others . For instance , one common definition is that evil includes anything immoral ... yet slavery was at one time within the bounds of morality , as was various degrees of abuse towards women . In modern days , it is often accepted among otherwise good people to persecute gays or other religious groups like muslims . So the definitions of ‘evil' can change , as can the definitions of ‘good' . Both are dependent on our perceptions , so quite possibly have nothing to do with universal Truth .. but rather with individual or collective ‘Reality' ... ( meaning our accepted versions of Truth ) .

Religions in particular work on a principle of some evils being necessary to achieve good ,, such as evil in the world in order to exhibit the love and mercy of God . ( you can't measure the greatness of good without compareing it to a ‘bad' ) . And since those who follow a religion define Good and Bad in religious terms it only needs convinceing them of how God defines those terms ... ( such as when the pope at the time convinced his followers that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" ment ‘except pagans and nonbelievers and muslims and jews' , thusly ordaining the seven crusades .. various inquisitions .. witch burnings ... and holy wars . Those commiting those unspeakable acts of evil were very much seen as good people within their communities and religion .. So indeed good people Can think , and do , evil .

Who are God's parents?

Who are God's parents?People don't believe that God has parents with the exception of Christians who believe that there are three persons in one God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-and that Jesus Christ was the Father's son. They believe that the son was sent by the father to this earth, over 2000 years ago, to be born of a

Does space junk ever fall back to earth?

Yes, though much of it burns up in the atmosphere and large items such as decommissioned satellites are directed to enter so they will crash into the ocean.And on a more tragic tone, after the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry NASA searchers found remains from all 7 crew members on Earth as well.

What would a silicon-based life form look like?

Do you mean Silicon (Si)? Silicone is rubbery!If I had to guess I would say that a Silicon, which is the 2nd most abundant material on the planet after carbon-which is what we are made of, probably would look and act like a semiconductor chip!Just look at