Do healthy people live longer?

Usually they do. There have been exceptions (heavy smokers living into their eighties and nineties), but healthy people tend to live longer.

I don't really care for analogies, but if you think of the human body like a plant, the plant usually needs sunlight and water to live. Without either, the plant won't live long.

If you eat junkfood, smoke, drink, sit around all day and eat lots of red meat, you probably won't live that long. The reason for this is your body will lose muscle (and since your heart is a muscle, the heart will stop working as efficiently as a healthy heart would), you will have clogged arteries, probably obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Cancer cells feed off of sugar. Healthy people can eat sugar and junkfood, but they focus on whole plant foods to nourish the body and fight cancer cells.

There is also evidence that supports exercising is good for bone health. Without exercise, the chances of getting osteoporosis increases as we age.

Should I start gym without having any sports/exercise activity?

There is no problem with beginning to exercise. We all have to start somewhere. If you begin strength training it will burn fat,just as jogging would,but with the added benefit of building muscle. Cardio is still good though for health benefits. It is true you can't choose where to lose fat from.

Do parenting methods change? Are there real improvements from each fad, or should we stick to proven techniques?

Parenting methodologies go through fads within a year or two--co-sleeping vs independent sleeping, more secure babies with pacifiers vs straight teeth without pacifiers; stroller vs sling vs backpack; the list goes on endlessly.To turn a howling bundle of poopy diapers into a full member of the

Is it healthy to eat rice daily?

We bust the most common myths associated with rice, the Indian staple. Rice makes you fat, spikes cholesterol levels and causes diabetes... There is no end to studies that describe rice as a diet villain.Rice has been a staple diet for a bulk of Indians and for millions of