Do high school teachers love their students?

Most of us, here in Switzerland, do.
But as far as I am concerned, it comes in easier to like some than others...The ones who are curious, ask serious questions, or can show a bit of "assumed foolishness" in the way they act, dress or speak - those are the ones I like, or love, and who sometimes remain as friends as years pass.
Some others require a lot of effort to love, or even like them: the ones who keep silent at the back of the room, praying for me not to speak to them at all if possible. Those who willingly sabotage, or attempt to sabotage, my courses, the works of their classmates or even their own - those are usually easily forgotten after they leave this place.
Living strong moments with a class can also create a bond that is stronger than usual. On my first "study trip", I found myself in a 6-bed compartment on the night train from Berlin to Krakow, with only students from the class. That was such a moment, and it was further reinforced by the visit to Auschwitz on Sept. 11, 2001. All the students in that group, my colleague and I will remember that day, just not only for the same reason as everyone else on the planet that had access to a TV or a radio on that afternoon (in central Europe).
Isn't meat disgusting to eat?

In most cases, disgust is cultural. Even things you would expect humans to have instinctive disgust for, such as feces, isn't innately disgusting to infants or very young children prior to their being TAUGHT that it is.Mystery of DisgustSo, disgust is a trained response. We're taught by

What countries will be global superpowers 30 years from now?

It will not be regardless of what most US' dreamers fantasize. Military power by itself and in itself is not a good matrix to measure

How many calories are burned doing Surya Namaskar?

For a single round of Surya Namaskar helps you burn up to 13.90 calories for someone who is of Average weight.Do u know how many calories that u can burn in 30 mins of Surya namaskar?Here is the small comparison that will burn the