Do hot guys date fat girls?

I would consider myself somewhat of a hot guy. But yes, I'd date fat girls, but it's very unlikely that I'd end up really dating one. I'm probably more tolerant towards overweight girls than other guys out there due to the way my mindset works.

The first impression when you meet someone is super important.

if you're overweight, and your body shows it, this will give other people a subconscious thought. And usually this is a negative though. For me, the thought isn't that she's ugly. Instead it'd be that she probably lacks motivation, determination, or has some kind of medical condition that prevents weight loss. Any of these 3 things are reasons for me to avoid her. If she can somehow prove that she does not posses any of these 3 negative qualities, then sure. I'd date her. But so far I've only dated a single overweight girl. And she had an amazing personality, but sadly had that medical condition. After all, unless your personality is awesome enough for me to ignore your physical appearance, you won't stand much of a chance.

In the end, if you're capable of becoming more healthy and fit (not skinny!), you'd drastically increase your chances. Not because you look pretty, but because it shows more about your personality.

How much self-control and caution should one exercise daily?

I'm thinking if you're really into having a great time and do crazy fun stuff, that doesn't hurt others physically or emotionally or endangers their life without full knowledge, you know something like, ladies this could kill us but if we survive this will have been epic, then you need to stop just short of getting

What should an ideal daily workout consist of?

This depends on your goals, but overall-A daily workout should consist of a strength portion and a cardio portion. If your goal is to build up your strength and your cardio then I recommend doing circuit training which can easily be done at a gym or at home with just a pair

How to lose 30 pounds in 40 days

There's only two ways there that I know of.Starve yourselfHave surgeryAs you might guess, neither is an optimal plan. The best plan for lasting weight loss is to lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. That's right, It will take you 6 months to