Do humans own animals?

"Own" is a loaded word.

For domesticated animals we are legally responsible for what they do. If your dog bits someone, you will hear about it.

Partially domesticated animals like a feline? You aren't legally responsible for their actions because they aren't completely tamed.

Now, the owner of any pet knows that being owned means you are responsible for their care, their upkeep, their needs and in fact they pretty much ‘own' you.

What is the single most effective productivity tip that you've ever received?

I have elaborated some of the productivity tips here: Divya Sethi's answer to What's your single best productivity tip?Productivity is a drug that can help you do amazing things. It's that one drug that separates successful people from the not so successful ones. Ask any of the successful entrepreneurs and they all

What are good ab workouts before bed?

Some best abdominal exercises(ab exercises) are given below:Bicycle stomach crunchBicycle ManeuverCaptain's Chair Exercise BallVertical Leg CrunchTorso TrackLong Arm CrunchReverse Crunch withHeel Push Ab RollerHover Traditional Crunch ExerciseTubing Pull Ab Rocker –And for more information read this AB EXERCISES in detail.

What are some good ways to exercise?

What are some good ways to exercise?There are two basic modes of exercise with tons of crossover between the two:Resistance training (calisthenics & weight lifting)Cardiovascular trainingResistance training is complicated yet straight forward at the same time. The basic principle is Specific Adaptations for Implied Demand.