Do humans own animals?

No we do not own any living being on this earth, I know none of us made these beautiful and awesome animals, so the fact to take claim over owning some one who has a brain who has thoughts who has desires who has interests and likes who has a beating heart, for us to ever say that we own them is simply selfish cruel and wrong, this does not just go for dogs or cats but also cows pigs deer rhino fish sharks, the only thing humans do is mass murder these beings who have as much right to live as we do, sorry if I sound mean to any one, but please stop thinking we own any animals.

Yes, animals are considered owned. Farm animals and pets are owned by individuals and wild animals are considered owned in common by the country they are found in.

"Own" is a loaded word.

For domesticated animals we are legally responsible for what they do. If your dog bits someone, you will hear about it.

Partially domesticated animals like a feline? You aren't legally responsible for their actions because they aren't completely tamed.

Now, the owner of any pet knows that being owned means you are responsible for their care, their upkeep, their needs and in fact they pretty much ‘own' you.

They are called pets, or livestock.

Kevin Dutton said that there is a psychopath spectrum and everyone has few traits. Is this spectrum comprised of only psychopaths? How is it a spectrum?

Yeah, he told it, but this spectrum is not same capable for real psychopaths or semi-psychopaths, neurotypicals can have some traits too but they work a a little o bigger different, because they have different brain, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neurogenetics... etc including specific cephalic index/skull etc. You can not be the same or similar to real psychopaths in cognition

What was one of the saddest encounters you had with a celebrity?

I remember this very clearly - I was around 12 or 13 at the time so it was around '72 or ‘73. My mother and grandmother and I were in a shopping mall in El Paso, TX. We were going from store to store when my grandmother noticed a small crowd, and so she walked over to see what

What's the most unprofessional thing you've seen a salesperson do?

My mom walked into a car dealership, ready to buy a brand new SUV. Now at the time she didn't work, but my dad made more than enough in a fly-in fly-out job to support our family. Because of the nature of my dad's job, they decided that