Do illegal aliens vote in the USA?

It always breaks my heart when I see people claiming that undocumented immigrants can vote.

I used to cry myself to sleep over thinking that all my friends would eventually be allowed to vote and I wouldn't. I used to read about the history of how each group fought and begged to get citizenship and voting rights. I felt their pain sharply, their words, plees haunted me when I left school. It took years for me to accept that life wasn't fair, that the system was never fair but what made America great, was that people fought really hard to slowly make it better.

It was hard and shameful loving my sisters, watching them grow up without the similar worries and self hatred I had. My oldest sister is 9 years younger than me, she's getting the right to vote in 2020. I remember feeling boiling jealousy that she would never feel the need to prove herself worthy of being allowed to go to school, drive, work or just plain live here. She can walk by immigration debates and not feel the words cutting into her skin defining her. I remember mentally battling the politicians, journalists, and commentators on TV and online. "No you're wrong, that's not who I am. I speak perfect English, I write the best in my class, I never killed anyone, I can be good, please don't take away my parents they're all I have." I never got used to the hatred and to the general apathy at what I was going through. Many nights I would scream into my pillow. No one really heard me, no one understood. Not my teachers, counselors, psychiatrists, or psychologists. I felt like an alien explaining a black hole in another galaxy. They felt so sorry, but it was all so foreign to them, so out of their reach. I had friends and professors that assured me that they would vote for me, they never told me who they voted for. They assured me that they would vote to ensure things would change for me but it never came. Even democrats in office became monsters when it came to immigration. I realized I couldn't blame them. Why should they care about my life when I can never vote? They can just say a few kind words about immigrants and the people who can vote can feel good about themselves for voting for them. Sometimes I feel like a tired parent who gave up on their dreams, so they watch their children and hope that they have a better life with more opportunities then they did. That's what I feel towards my sisters.

So why can't I just vote? I have a social security number, a temporary work authorization card, and a drivers license. The US has various temporary work programs that grant no status. Millions of immigrants live like this for decades. I can't vote, because it's a felony. Because they have my address and they would know where to find me. Because it's a serious crime whereas crossing the border is only a misdemeanor. Because I'll go into deportation proceedings. Because it would kill any chance of me ever getting citizenship if an opportunity ever opens up. Because I would be giving up my family, house, and community to cast a single vote and I wouldn't be allowed to. I'm in the system as an temporary alien.

By far the worst thing that I have to deal with is seeing the conversation of immigration happening largely without me. It's really easy to just lie about a group and ascribe malicious intentions to them, when they have a limited voice and no power.

"Do illegal aliens vote in the USA?"

I would say "yes" and I would also say "they are encouraged" to do so.

You see, living in southern California compared to the rest of the states, Californians have always been considered ahead of the ball game. Here you learn fast or get gobbled up. So a lot of us have learned how to read between the lines and/or understand California's political lingo, everything here has double meanings and double standards, and it's like I'm the last to know.

I do not understand, how my fellow american can turn a deaf ear to something, so many are saying and how easily people can write situations off, given a any excuse or reason. It's like things that are happening... you either believe it, and really can't believe it, or You totally do not believe it, because things like that just don't happen.

But just think, can this happen? If it does happen, can you image what our children and grandchildren will be left with? I do not think everyone has truly looked at all the scenarios that could happen, even if you think it couldn't, think about.

opps... almost forgot....

Starting April 1, Illegals in California Can Vote – Legally » The Hagmann Report

No body knows !!! Since it is politically incorrect to ask for a photo ID at a poling place, anybody with a power or utility bill is allowed to vote. Poling place registration without a photo ID is allowed so there is no way to tell. Handing drivers licenses to illegals that can be used to vote contaminates the legal vote. The problem boils down to Democrats buying votes of illegals and the Democrats fighting tooth and nail to allow this to continue.


There is no evidence that illegal aliens vote in any significant numbers in US elections. It is impossible to say with confidence that it never happens, but no one has ever found evidence that it happens beyond an occasional individual incident.

And when you think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense that they would. If someone is in the country without documentation, the last thing they would want to do is attract the attention of the authorities. And what would be the gain to them to cast a single vote in an election? The risk/reward equation doesn't add up.

But what if somebody was organizing them to vote, you ask? Again, what would be the reward to them that would justify taking the risk? And given the number of US citizens who don't vote, wouldn't it be easier for the shadowy figures orchestrating such a scheme to work with them instead of illegals?

That's really my big problem with the people who advance the theory that undocumented immigrants are voting in large numbers. It's not that they're ignoring the (lack of) evidence, it's that the whole idea just doesn't make sense.

They are not supposed to, but given the way states like California give out drivers licenses and voter registration certificates they probably do. Democrats need more votes, don'tchaknow?

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