Do insects think?

Yes, if you define thinking as making choices and having memories. Their brains are not the same as ours, but that does not mean they are not capable of thought and learning. Bees can remember and learn, for example. They make choices based on the past experiences. Ants have a sophisticated system of navigation in which they uses a variety of cues, both visual and chemical. A researcher in my school studies be behaviour and intelligence, and his findings are rather astounding! They are even capable of higher order thinking.

Endurance: What is the best way to train for a multi-stage fitness test (beep test) besides doing the beep test?

This test was part of the entrance exam for the Montreal fire department when I was hired, though it isn't anymore. I believe it is called the Leger- Bouchard test.I found that doing short interval training on stairs helped me the most leading up

Why is basketball the best sport to make the body fit and fine? Should we get basketball training?

Basketball is a the second fastest game in the work(after ice hockey). When I say second fastest I mean the transition from offence to defence is an extremely quick affair. Each team consists of five players and even though they are assigned a role(eg: Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard) there are no officials positions for the players

What single specific ability separates moderately successful people from highly successful people?

Both (Dinesh Sairam (தினேஷ் சாய்ராம்) and Sean Kernan nailed this.Focus Is Definitely ImportantI agree with the importance of Focus as Dinesh so perfectly explained it.Unrelenting Pursuit Of Perfection Is Also Key