Do introverts have an advantage in being an artist?

Although I dont think that someone's artistry is determined by how outgoing: extroverted they are or how introverted they are, I do think that being extroverted will allow the artist more opportunities to be seen because they'll push and fight to be seen and heard a bit more. An introvert may need an agent to represent them and place them at venues where their art may be showcased and potential buyers/investors may be enticed to purchase their art. An introvert artist would need to work harder at being open about speaking on what their work means, where it's going, etc. Real talent and artistry is what ultimately determines how good an artist is but will not determine their success. We've all seen plenty of commercial artists who aren't as talented by they've figured out their niche and exploited it.
Like any other being , and introvert possesses a hidden talent in himself. The advantage of being an introvert is getting plenty of me time which can be utilized to discover his talents in arts and nurture them. But I do not think every introvert in this world can excel in arts. There are high changes of him/her being a wallflower and less people recognize the hidden talents.
They do because they are in tune with themselves and others. They are often sensitive and caring. The gift of being quiet and observing gives the introvert insight! Does not mean they are perfect, but I am an introvert and have studied introversion and I know that we are suffering souls. We want the world to be fair and right and given the level of sensitivity we have the gift of creativity and see beauty in the most odd places.
Yes. I think so.
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I can only speak from personal experience here:My religion is about knowledge. That brings people together because we can all learn about things and be happy about it. Then we can have conversations and debates and all be enriched by that.