Do men live a ruined life after marriage?

Pretty much everything is covered by franklin veaux in his answer. In addition to his perspective I would like to say that-

  • men who don't know the skill to sheild their relationship from external forces often lead a ruined life. There are people who get married but they are unable to maintain boundaries that should be there. Healthy space should be there in every relationship to enable it to thrive well.
  • Intrusive in laws with narcissistic tendencies often ruin the relationship. Enmeshed relationship of the boy/girl with their respective parents may even lead to long term havoc and breakdown of marriage.Those who fail to realize that Love for parents and parents in laws is different from love for wife/ husband often land up in the quagmire of emotional turmoil.
  • Men who don't understand that their relationship with everyone goes through a transition when they marry, they lead a ruined life. Therefore, there should be efforts by both to make this change more smooth so as not to affect the marriage.
  • Men who do not give due importance to their wives and do not take stand for her even if she is right. Why? Just to please and pacify his family who is either abusive or a hypocrite. Such men lose everything in life.
  • Men who are insecure about themselves and their abilities, end up blaming everything on their mate and other people.Losers always find faults in their stars and lie blatantly to hide his insecurities.Such people are corrosive to their own marriage

Marriage is a beautiful experience if you are secure enough to deal with the hardships that are part and parcel of being in a relationship. If you lack patience, confidence and understanding. Its a fact that you yourself are the catalyst to speed up the degradation of your own life and relationships.

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