Do middle school teachers form a bond with their students during or in after school programs?

Well, I can only answer for myself, but yes. I liked supervising lunch or after school programs/clubs because it gave me a chance to get to know kids where there was less pressure. During regular school hours I was always having to keep an eye on how much curriculum I was getting through. In supervising clubs, I was there more as a guide. My favorite club was a service club called the Jr. Optimists. I loved being their advisor because the club was 98% what they made of it and only about 2% my interference. Not only did my students contribute in a lot of different ways to the well being of the school and community through their activities, but they learned a lot about leadership and organization while doing it. I was so proud of them and the non-academic learning they did. Plus, because the club was a choice, kids wanted to be there. That made it more fun for everyone. Because it was more low-keyed and because I got to see different sides of them from what I saw in class time, those are the students I felt closest to and think most fondly of.

For quite some time, I taught in middle school, and based on my personal opinion, I tended to develop a special bond with all my students, a protective one. This is, I looked after them making sure they stayed out of trouble, comply with the school regulations and got their schoolwork done. Since I always taught the ninth grade (junior and senior high school are different and separated schools in Mexico), I seldom got a chance to see my students after they graduated.

However, I know of a few colleagues that develop a bond for life with their middle school students. After graduation, both the teacher and students stay in touch, meet at social events and might even attend their former students' weddings!

In my case, I think I come across as a very serious person, even though my friends think I have a huge sense of humor and might be silly at times. That is why students do not get so attached to me. The teachers who form this bond with their student seem to come across as ‘motherly', ‘brotherly' or ‘sisterly,' so that made it easy for this bond to form.

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