Do most people that have bed bugs go blind from it?

diatomaceous earth causes all exo skeleton insects exposed to that to die. They simply lose the ability to maintain hydration. They suck your blood but die because they can not maintain water within them again.

Available and get just the food grade component something you can even breathe in.

blind well be blind to them if that is your desire. Just be rid of them. Can you be blind to a president. OOPS that might be an American.

Pardon I bow as a Canadian.

why did I do that.

he thought he had hysterical blindness. No can not interface two questions. He must be fun at parties.

Ignore my next reply.

Why do the most people have a better impression on Africa cities than India?

I think I am eligible to write the answer because I am an Indian and I find African cities (have been to Kenya and Mauritius) better than many Indian cities.For me it all comes down to people and infrastructure while comparing.Let's talk about Nairobi -Roads are cleanPeople are friendlyBetter civic senseBetter

Are both political parties in America right wing, but the republicans are just more right wing?

What do the terms left-wing and right-wing mean? Both terms appeared to have originated from the royal monarcies that were so prevalent during the middle ages several hundred years ago. Left meant commoner while right meant the upper heirarchy. Left-wing is supposed

What has surprised you the most?

My dad never bought or let me buy chocolates because they were not good for teeth(He is extra caring). The only chocolates my (little)brother and I ate were the ones that we got from other's birthdays.We didn't have a refrigerator either, because he believed