Do narcissists attract each other in relationships? If so, how long or likely is the relationship/marriage to last?

Contrary to other answers, they very much do. They are finding someone who actually gets them or even mutual empathy since its been suggested that narcissists and sociopaths can actually empathise with eachother on some level. Their mask can be taken off and the other will only be more attracted to them-instead of wanting to vomit-they idealise this goal of the narcissist. They create a team, enabling eachother to use their behaviour externally. For example a covert narc may need an overt one to gather ‘friends' for them, and may idealise the overt, because even knowing they are narcissistic will see them as some ubermensch. The covert offers more intellectualised idealism for the overt and the overt having control over their social connection has control over them. I think its is very much on a fullfillment of needs basis. It could work for a while, but as others have said when manipulation has been sussed it could be a discard after having a honeymoon phase. And whilst during this honeymoon phase it may be genuine attraction: finally finding some who sees the world as i do so we can hate everyone together, it becomes like a mirror-it reminds them of their npd traits which is what narcissists are afraid of, and will bend space-time to avoid admitting.

How would you react if you thought you had somehow lost a love one, like a spouse, only for that person to resurface again, years later, after you had already remarried? Sort of a scenario from the movie 'Cast Away'.

Ever hear of a Greek Tradgey? No one walks away unscathed. Try doing what Tom Hanks did. Live and try to forget. Live and try to hurt as few people as possible. Understand that this is a sad world and it is made of many what ifs... However, it has been

Is it good to work out every day? If not, how often should you work out?

When I first started going to the gym I would do 3 day or 4 day training splits.A three day training split would look like this, push, pull, legs, and then a rest day.Then repeat the processes.Eventually however after about

I have a slim frame but my belly fat is increasing. What shall I do?

This is common problem now a days ..people are lean with big order to reduce belly and keeping your body fit and healthy , things you need to follow are:1: you need to focus on balance diet2: you need to use some home remedies that helps in reducing Fat and