Do narcissists enjoy breaking up relationships & marriages or are they just focused on what they desire regardless of the boundaries?

They just focus what they desire which is Narcissistic Supplies,they will lie to protect their mask-facade their real persona,they emit in the public with this fake persona,they manipulate stone wall gas lighten mirror reflect etc etc,all the NPD cares about is to control the former victim and gain narcisssitic supplies,if you were a victim and you got married if they lost control of you they will smear campaign lie triangulate,or even ruin marriages if he/she thinks they can still gain something from you any for of NS(Admiration,emotional validation,money,sex,love etc etc).

I exercise three times a week, I try to eat healthy, I'm seeing results in my body but my weight is higher than when I started, am I having results?

If you had the body of a super-model would you care if you had the weight of an elephant?I assume that your goal is to look better and to feel better, if both of these things are happening, then congratulations! You are good to go! The two best measuring sticks are going to be

What do you think was/is the hardest part of being homeless?

I have only been homeless briefly, and it was in another country, so A2A I have to start by saying that my experience of homelessness comes mainly from conversations with people who have experienced it directly, and from talking to people who work with them.It is an issue I care a lot about-a bit more than a year

What would you do if you find out that your wife had affairs with other men before your marriage?

Any relationships that your wife had before marriage cannot really be described as ‘affairs'. An affair is a romantic/sexual relationship undertaken by someone who is already married or in a committed relationship. It implies infidelity. Unless you mean that she cheated on her boyfriends with other men, she