Do oats help in reducing weight or gaining weight? As I am underweight my trainer give me diet which had oats but I read on internet that oats helps in reducing weight?

Hiii disha yes you read right that oats helps in weight loss but it's not a complete truth. The complex carbs and fiber in oats helps in maintaining and loosing weight but weight gain and weight loss do not rely on just oats .

CARBS in oats helps in both goals( weight loss and weight gain) . If your overall calorie is in surplus and oats are the part of your meal programme so it will help you in gaining weight and healthy bowl system because they have good amount of fiber and the carbs in oats will help you to achieve your daily calorie intake.

See weight gain and weight loss do not depend on food only it's depends on your activity , choice of carbs, protein , fat and calorie surplus or deficient.

You want to gain weight so definitelyyour trainer made a diet plan for you of calorie surplus and in that he inclued oats for carbs or fiber so you don't need to worry you will gain weight if he calculate the calories for you.

Hope you got your answer .

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