Do oats make you fat?

Definitely not, oats doesn't make you fat but the only thing you need to keep in mind is that oats are not supposed to be contains heavy ingredients,you may add some veggies and some basic spices only ,oats can be taken as breakfast or dinner as well.

It contains:

  1. 51 grams of carbs
  2. 5 grams of fat
  3. 13 grams of protein
  4. 8 grams of fiber
  5. 303 calories

According to the America's research it is found that consumption of oats feels you full filling throughout a day.

It will definitely helps to loose your weight,and if you are getting bored of taking it then you may try it in another form as well like oats idli,oats khichdi,oats chilla etc.

Is it worth exercising to get into a better shape if you aren't eating a strict healthy and lean diet everyday?

Absolutely.There are more benefits to exercise beyond simple aesthetic modifications. I know plenty of people that have improved their health overall without making any dietary changes, and by only increasing their daily activity levels.You'll absolutely achieve better results the more controlled your diet can be

How often should you sit in a sauna for maximum health benefits?

It's never harmful to have a sauna session if you keep it moderate and you don't have serious heart problems.There was a long Finnish study that lasted 20 years. Groups of Finnish men were monitored for 20 years and they were grouped by the frequency of their sauna visits.The group that went to a sauna 5-7

What is the best bronzer for Indian skin tone?

I have seen collection of best bronzer by THE BODY SHOP, it has options of shade also and Marula oil as a key ingredient which is known for skin benefits and moisturizing property, so without any second thought one can choose as per there skin tone which one is quired, it is famous by