Do online hacking sites work or are they fake?

You'd probably have stumbled upon quite a few sites if you search in Google which says that you can hack anyone's Facebook or any other password by just entering their Email or user-ID but there are absolute fakes.

Lets take some random example site which claims it can hack Facebook password now it asks you to Enter the email/User-ID now it'll show you the persons profile picture and how much percentage the hacking is complete.

Now lets analyze what is happening behind the screen once visit these sites claiming they can hack facebook will have lot of ads so they earn money if you visit the site, now once you enter the email/user-id it shows you the profile picture because its publicly available for anyone to see so the script will show you that, and the percentage completion dialog is just an clever animation.

Once its 100% and complete the website will ask you to do few of these things to reveal the password

  1. share their website in social media
  2. connect your facebook account with their website which gives them a lot of control on your account
  3. download a password protected file and for the password you'd have to go to a website to complete an offer to get the password (which is also a fake site!)
  4. make you download and run a program on your computer/mobile which is an payload file and creates a backdoor on your computer and gives control to the attacker

So all these are just nonsense for really hacking Facebook you'll probably need to learn phishing or other tricks and better if you lean a lot on coding side and become an hacker who is capable of hacking facebook servers to retrieve the stored password hashes at this point you could have a high paid job there and this isn't easy facebook google and tons of other companies pay ton load of money to hacker to prevent them from getting hacked so if you hear that a website can do it with just few clicks then its fake my friend !

The information posted above is for educational purposes only I'm NOT responsible for what you do with it!

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