Do people actually watch Ancient Aliens on the 'History' Channel?

Oh golly, I sure watch Ancient Aliens.  Let me say that some of their programs have given me a lot of food for thought and led to some fascinating googling as a result.

Another nice thing about this show is that you get to see stuff people talk about - Native American rock art, lakes with supposed ruins, photos of "Nessie", the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, carved stones from Peru, and much more.  The producers may put their own spin on the origin of these artifacts, but  you're seeing the real thing.  You'll be surprised at how accurate the historical information Ancient Aliens gives you actually is, and it's a great source to begin researching on your own.

I've learned over the decades that NOBODY knows everything, neither scientists nor fabulists...what fun to keep an open mind and decide for yourself what's going on!  Ancient Aliens happens to make their presentations very professional looking.  And it's so entertaining to stretch your mind and think about some other possibilities for stuff.

I love Ancient Aliens. I've been fascinated by the theory ever since watching the movie Stargate back in 1995. To be frank, I find the theory much more plausible than saying that God or gods or angels had any effect on ancient history. Both versions - religion and aliens - are equally fictional to me, but one is science fiction (aliens) and the other fantasy (God). By its very nature, science fiction is more scientifically plausible and believable than fantasy. I love science. I love using science to try and prove something that is probably unprovable. Just because it's unprovable doesn't mean we shouldn't try. That's the great thing about science. It forces you to ask questions; to search for answers. It's much better to ask questions than to blindly follow what someone has told you is the truth - especially if that "truth" is pure fantasy.

As a screenwriter and novelist, I've always enjoyed alternate history and science fiction. It's pretty clear that Ancient Aliens leans heavily on pseudoscience and straight-up lies to make its show, but it's entertaining as hell. And, frankly, it is no less fictional than any other reality TV show. This one just happens to espouse a theoretical-but-almost-certainly-incorrect alternate history of the world.

Ancient Aliens is extremely entertaining and makes us question many fantastical assumptions we make about human history. That's all I need from a fictional television show.

I must admit to having sat through a whole 15 minutes of that pseudo scientific garbage. Sadly there will always be a market for this type of 'entertainment'. Which is OK as long as you don't take it seriously.

It reminded me of the early books from Erik Von Daniken our English teacher used at school as practice for critical analysis of information, or how to take the factual from the misleading.

There will always be people who can take the blatantly obvious, or so far unresolved and twist it into the fantastical.

I consider watching that and similar programs at about the same level as watching Star Trek without the actors, (mostly), and not as much CGI.

This bloke must do:: Whose thinking got changed after watching Ancient Aliens?

And this one; Would 'Atheism' be justified after watching 'Ancient aliens'?

I suspect this one did once; Why is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel considered pseudoscience?

In the UK it comes up in the documentary section of the SkyTV epg. I suspect this is a breach of the trades description act.

Hell yeah.

I saw season 1 as recommended by my brother and since then I am hooked on to it . Its season 8 now and some of the facts presented by them on these episodes would blow your mind. It will truly shake your belief in the existence of God.

I wrote about one of my favourite topics on my blog:

Airplanes of the Gods

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hello sir..
  • Ancient aliens has 10 seasons.
  • It has 104 episodes.
  • All seasons aired from 2010 to 2015, thats five years.

Producer isn't mad to spend so much of money for  ten seasons, 104 episodes and for five years.

i hope aliens dint vist earth and watched show based on them and made it a hit.

hope this convince you that yes people do watch ancient aliens.
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