Do people genuinely feel happy for other people's achievements?

No they don't.

Rarely we find people who would be genuinely happy for other people's achievements.

Reason being insecurity and lack of self worth. Both of which are interrelated to each other. And its a vicious cycle of being unhappy because you are insecure about yourself and your emotions which arises due to lack of self worth.

Therefore people who are insecure tend to suffer from pathological jealousy,

  • which not only blinds their conscience but turns them negative.
  • They will criticize, find faults and complain about their success.
  • They would discredit/demean the person
  • second guess his/her achievements
  • Devalue their efforts and hardwork.

Secure people celebrate other people's success, if you have darkness inside, no amount of external illumination or zeal will light up the positivity in you heart!

Never fall for the perception being created by the sheer number of people congratulating you on your achievement.

There will be very very few people who really feel happy for other people's achievements. However, it seems like all are happy around but in reality it is not true.

Among happy souls, there are most probably your family and your true friends or those who are involved or have contributed/invested in your hard work to success at any point of time. Mostly, this list includes parents, spouse, siblings, true friends, teachers/instructor/coach (there may be some more people whom I forget to mention).

Rest all are either neutral or jealous of others success. But they pretend to be happy to hide their indifferent attitude or real feelings in order to follow social norms.

YES/NO depends on your current mental status + the individuals availability in your circle.


Do I also feel jealous when people get opportunities I would have liked to have? Absolutely!

You're human. Accept that. Embrace it. You can't change that you feel both happy and unhappy when someone you know gets an achievement that you yourself cannot or will not. Especially when they get it as a result of being rather than doing.

But look, you have a life you're going to have to live anyway. You might as well use other people's achievements as motivation to achieve.

of course they do... I mean some people do, some people like myself get kind of jealous at their achivements.... for example, my crush is in tenth (going to eleventh after summer ends) but she was in all my classes and I'm in eleventh grade! so when I saw her, and I really thought about it, I felt kinda sad and annoyed because I wanted to be like her but I know that really I fucked up too many times in my past to actually achieve that.

but anyways, yes, some people do feel happy about other's achievements, for example, when I saw my dad stop drinking alcohol for the first time, you better believe I was happy. Or when my best friend Erica got accepted to UCLA, you better believe I was cheering her on! so yeah, some people do feel genuinely happy when other's achieve something.


Just tonight I went to see my friend's show. It was small, but it's a really good show. The audience loved it and I think they are going to have a good run.

The same is true when someone releases an album, or a movie, or even just when they finish a painting and post it to Facebook.

People doing things is awesome, it always makes me feel good to see someone achieve something.

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