Do people get better through age?

There are people who can grow up to be a mature one, and the rest fit perfectly as immature. It is very depends on who the person is.  Sometimes in life, we can't make a category or giving a mark for some people who just act on their own, it may consider judgmental. But on the other hand, a few things can go worse when the person has been living in an environment that  wrong, such as the person befriend with bad guys, a chance to give a bad influence can happen as well.

It always depends.
When is it a good time to stop smoking?

I can imagine a variety of answers to this questionThe first will be, ‘now!'For your health's sake, that is very good advice. However, for your chances of succeeding, the odds are massively in favour that you will fail. The success rates for quitting smoking cold turkey, or with NRT products, without counselling are about

What do people with OCD hate about their OCD thoughts?

What do people with OCD hate about their OCD thoughts?Is there any thought in particular, you'd really want to eliminate?_____________________________________________I hate that my obsessions control me more than I control them. I hate that I can't shut them off when I have to speak publicly, or when

My husband told me that he doesn't want to be with me anymore because I'm too "clingy" I'm trying to get pregnant so he can stay. Do you think he will stay?

Everyone has given you the mature explanation and I hope that has worked but I'm going to explain something different to you. My mother found herself in this situation 25 years ago... that's why I was born. She didn't actually want me she simply wanted to keep my