Do people shoot themselves to get out of the military?

Not in my (now ancient) experience. We had a guy drop a grenade in the pit and fall on it. The instructor tried once and then bailed over the side. It was a really graphic example of the effect of a grenade at close range. We helped get him out and the DIs tried first aid, he died on the way to the ambulance. They gave us a 15 minute smoke break and then back to training, very carefully training. Was it suicide or just a panic freeze, no way to know.

There are over 1.2 million US military personnel, with about 800K in reserve. When you have a population size that large you will have outliers and oddities. Yes it happens, but only enough that you occasionally hear about it in the news, or know a guy who knows a guys. It's not common, but the military is so large that you'll hear about it every now and again.

It's been done, a "self inflicted wound". You would have to be seriously fucked up to do that. But then, people still do it. I've heard it usually works, after the shrinks and lawyers get done with you. May as well make it a 45 caliber Excedrin headache.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not unsympathetic, but JESUS F****** CHRIST.... If it's that bad, see a psychiatrist or psychologist instead of a surgeon.

What would happen if the United Kingdom and never ever lost a single colony / had it's entire empire all today?

Both the UK and its colonies would probably much better off. But colonies, like children, eventually want their freedom and the right to determine their own destination. And like children, they often run a muck or go astray.

What things should one know before starting a tour and travel startup?

One need to do the following steps for starting a travel/transportation startup - 1. type of service that you want to provide2. development of self or market based model.3. Selection of operating area, routes4. market competition analysis5. revenue model and scalability study.For more details