Do people usually get back together after breakups?

Here is the true story one of my friend.

They were into long distance relationship, beautiful couple, compatible , loving and partners in crime ( I think thats enough to understand that how much they are into n how Perfect they were)

They got break-up both have their own versions but they have no idea what they have lost.

This guy.. . Tried to call her from different no. Free dial app, msgs not only that he also kept an her pinterest, qoura, other websites, old mailboxes, WhatsApp, dp , status . He tried to give hint that yes they are not talking, hes upset,on Brk... But he's still around.. and missing her.

So why he was doing that.. is he a serial molester, a rapist..or if he already left then why he's doing this.

One simple reason..he loves her...he was in trouble, he needs her.. wanted her to hold her and save him from dying.

Yes he admitted that he made mistakes, he should not get annoyed on genuine reason. He wants to close those open issues from long but he waited 3 yrs to resolve.. which didn't get closed, his girlfriend also didn't handled the situation, provked and added gas in the fire.Unfortunately but sad.

Guy realised his mistake and cried infront of her so she.. they hold eachother hand and promised they won't do such mistake again. They love each and they know they can die for each other.

Fortunately now they are together and happily married with 2 daughters.

So the answer is yes in that case... because they understand the value of their love..they will miss eachother if they get apart.

Sometime miracle happen.


But Coco& Mavis died..two pets they have.

How did losing a significant amount of weight change your life?

i was 97kg at one point of time in my life. having low self confidence. i was always interested in sports and wanted to be a part of college team but i did not have the balls to try. i was terrified to speak up in public.

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Focus on Military press exercises and dont work them out that much. 1-2 times a week is fine. Really put them under some weight if you're trying to build size. Drop reps to 6-8 and go heavier with twice a month 1 rep max days. Military press - either dumbbell or