Do physiotherapists use the prefix ‘Dr.' in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, or Canada?

I assume the rules would be set province-by-province in Canada, but I do know that in Ontario, Chiropodists (foot specialists who are to Podiatrists as Optometrist are to Ophthalmologists) are not entitled to call themselves "Doctor" despite the fact that their degrees are called "Doctor of Chiropody"

(What I don't is whether any other provinces even recognise Chiropododists. I've never heard of them in other provinces.)

Come to think of it, though, Optometrists are allowed to call themselves "doctor."

I did a quick check on Google and found graduate doctorates in physiotherapy in the UK and Australia but couldn't find any in North America. Maybe they are addressed as "doctor" but I suspect not, except, probably in an academic setting.

Therefore, a physiotherapist here with a doctorate would presumably have it in some other field so would be entitled to use "doctor" in an academic setting for sure, but not likely in a medical context.

In Alberta Chiropractors use the title Doctor but physios cannot.

In Australia, no.

A physiotherapist can qualify by completing a 4-year full-time Bachelor degree in physiotherapy, and then applying to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia for registration. Upon registration, they can practice as a physiotherapist.

Not only is this a long way from being a doctorate of any kind, there is no social custom of addressing physiotherapists as "doctor" in Australia, at least in my experience. Most people I know call our local physiotherapist by her first name. Admittedly, we tend to do that with our local doctor (medical practitioner) as well.

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