Do pillows help sleeping?

When lying on one's side, a body pillow should support the head and neck so the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. A thicker pillow is needed for sleeping on the side than sleeping on the back.

Bending the knees and placing another pillow between the knees keeps the spine in the neutral position. When there is no support between the legs, the upper leg rotates downward, pulling the pelvis and distorting the natural line of the spine. A firm pillow between the knees usually prevents this downward rotation better than a softer pillow.

Adding support between the knees can prevent back pain and allow the back to heal and rest better while sleeping.

There is limited research on pillows for side sleepers. One small study found the latex pillow the most helpful of five types considered (foam contour-shaped, regular foam, polyester, feather, and standard latex. Study participants reported the most cervical stiffness upon waking after using feather pillows, with the symptoms continuing well into the day.

Yes I do think that pillows help sleep. That being said, I feel that you need the right type of pillow. Sleeping with a pillow is way more comfortable than not using a pillow. Being away from home and not using "my pillow" taught me that I need a very specific type of pillow.

To help sleep the most important thing is that you should be comfortable. Does the pillow you are using have the right level of support? Does the pillow you are using allow you to move between back sleeping and side sleeping? Is the pillow the right size? Is the pillow the right height?

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