Do psychopaths have different inherent reflexes/instincts?

Athena Walker's answer to Do psychopaths feel stress but not fear?

It kicks our adrenaline into high and we focus very easily in these situations. We can quickly measure out a good response and act on it. There is a physiological response to that adrenaline, and our bodies manifest that.

In the mind, we just see things like a road map. This needs to happen, then this and this. When those things are done, the problem is solved, and I can go back to what I want to do instead of doing this.

What is the saddest thing you have seen or done?

love itself with lack of confidence , i loved someone he will never be mine he is gotta marry on next 13 feb ,i'm feeling i'm gonna suicide about it ,i ever wanted all the stuff that he has ,loves to travel ,funny , ambitious with kind heart ,my heart

What are some interesting studies on schizoid personality disorder?

Camisa, et al (2004) Personality traits in schizophrenia and related personality disorders. conducted a study drawing correlations between Big Five personality traits and schizoid personality disorder. People on the schizoaffective spectrum short of schizophrenia consistently showed lower scores on conscientiousness as compared to control patients,

Who was the first US President to use email?

I would say Bill Clinton. it was the mid-80s when computer use, therefore email, came into the lives of ordinary people (like me.) AOL was one of the first wide-spread email services. Remember the old dial-up and the incessant busy signals?