Do psychopaths have friends that think they are psychopaths?

This week I made a friend, B, and I think he is a psychopath. And he thinks I am one too. I met him while traveling in the Caribbean with my best friend J. J, like me, is a collector of interesting low empathy people. She asked me on this trip to help her to have some insight about her friends who live on the island, and if any of them are psychopaths. The two that she thought were, were not. But B I picked up on right away. Like as soon as I met him. First he told us his age and he looked 15 years younger. Then I noticed he was constantly hypomanic. Then I noticed his eyes didn't move. Then he tried to smile and it looked like a grimace, LOL. Then I noticed he lacked fear and required no empathy in conversations. Then J told me when we were in the ladies' room, "don't date him Shay! He has no FEELINGS!" Then he said about me, "she has her own rules". Then I was making fun of campaign signs that were all over the island; there was one that said "BOLD" and I said, "BOLD AND DISINHIBITED LIKE A PSYCHOPATH" and he erupted with laughter. Then I was telling him a story while sitting at a bar and he looked at me completely mask off, like he was beyond irritated, and I said "You have no interest in this conversation;" he replied, in the flattest of monotones, "none whatsoever" and got up and walked off without a word. Then later he showed me a video on his phone of a couple in the act, and then the woman fell off the wall she was sitting on; I asked him if he had any more schadenfreude porn and he said, "Oh I have lots." Then he badgered us to go to one live performance instead of another because the performers were better but he didn't show up- he got wasted at another bar. What a crackup.

Other than humans, what animals menstruate?

Not all of them.Most animals have specific periods of time during which the female will allow the male to mount and engage in sexual activity -- this is known as the estrus cycle. Some animals cycle every month until they become pregnant,

What is common between plant and animal cells?

Both animal and plant cells are eukaryotes.They share common organelles like cell membrane, cell nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and golgi apparatus and contain DNA and Cytoplasm.All these structures may look a little different in either cell but have the same functions.

Which famous artists work resonates with you the most?

I'll offer three sculptors...Alberto Giacometti for his striding men. Perhaps the contradiction between the purpose in their strides and the looseness in the surface makes them simply fascinating.Henry Moore - his work on men, women, and families captures a potent emotional sense of people.And, Allan Hauser who captures