Do psychopaths know they are psychopaths?

I think the best way to realize you are a psychopath is to try to have a relationship with someone.

I had been diagnosed with psychopathy since I was a teenager however I was never convinced about it. First, I dont consider myself to be charming, while I'm definitely good looking and turn eyes every club or bar I enter, I wasnt very good at talking and girls do come easy to me without much talking.

I was always promiscuous but didnt consider that to be a definite indicative of psychopathy since I'm not the only one in my group of friends. I did have some short term relationshipts and always lost interest but still I didnt think that was a definite indicative.

It was not until my last relationship, I exhibited exactly the behaviors of a psychopathic bond Stages of the Psychopathic Bond | Psychopaths and Love, I'm not sure why this girl triggered it, I think it was because she was very vulnerable and my psychopathic instinct could smell that. By the time I found out of the stages I was already in stage 3. The girl has suffered a lot, I tried to dump here without showing any sign of emotion. After we came back she said the most painful part was seeing my emotionless face when I was dumping here. Whenever she looked away or down I kind of felt joy and happiness, it was weird. Then I felt a rush of dopamine when I turned things around after our last breakup, and now she is more in love than ever before.

I have dumped here 3 times already, every of the time I blame it on here, and she is totally convinced all the time that is her fault and she desperately seeks for forgiveness.

I'm still with her but seeing other girls. I just accepted that she is just an object to me.

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