Do push ups get easier?

Yes, Push-ups get easier with time but they are must do even for the professional bodybuilders.

If you are habitual of doing 50+ pushups daily at one go then with time you will find them easier to do and will become lesser effective as it won't take much effort. Therefore it is advised that after a month of this practice you have to start doing weighted pushups (putting plates on the back or whatever which you can balance well).

Weighted pushups are one of the best and most sought exercises for adding volume to the chest. Keep on increasing the weight according to your capacity. You will get results within weeks.

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Do push-ups really improve posture?

Push-ups are on of the most effective overall full body conditioning exercises you can perform essentially working 5 major muscle groups and the core. Push-ups work the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps and as part of the core; work several

Am I a old soul, even I was born generation z I don't dress up trendy don't wear a lot of brands wear baggy pants sleep on time and eat healthy food?

Hey hey hey !  Who did tell you that u are old soul . You aren't a old soul.Dear aap unhen dekho jinke pas pehno ko thng k clothes nhi.. kuch k pas toh clothes bhi nhi..Toh aap ab khud ko dekho .. zruri nhi h

I am suffering from shoulder dislocation, how can I strengthen my shoulder?

Too less information. The following questions need answering first.When did the dislocation happen?Acute injuries require immobilization first and muscle strengthening exercises later.Was it the only episode?Single episode of dislocation usually can be managed without much problems. Whereas multiple episodes usually require some form of surgery.How long was your shoulder immobilized following the episode?Inadequate immobilization can lead to