Do smart people like video games? If so, what type of games do they like?

Video games are no longer a niche interest that is derided for being enjoyed only by sheltered nerds (speaking as a nerd who remembers when games were considered nerdy).

So your question is basically like asking "Do smart people read books", or "Do smart people watch any films". Games are now a mainstream medium of artistic expression that's generates billions a year. It's statistically unlikely that no smart people play them. Which ones they play however would depend entirely on what they want to get out of them, since as with other mediums, there are many genres that appeal to different people.

How to convince my wife to camp (in a tent) in Yellowstone National Park

Start her off small, take her car camping one night in a local state park. Then work up to spending more than one night out and backpacking if you plan on doing that. Show her you're competent and build her comfort in the woods and her confidence

Why should not the dog eat sweets and what effect does eating the sweets have on his health?

eating sweets destroys a dog's nervous system as well as immune system. as most of these animals don't have the digestive juices nor mechanisms to properly digest sweet things, making these harmful. you shouldn't give an animal anything that they otherwise wont be getting in the wild. try

What are the best movies of all time?

A lot of movies have been mentioned here. So I would just post my Personal Top 10.Here are my Fav 10:1. INCEPTION (2010)IMDB Rating -> 8.8 / 10.A thief who steals corporate secrets