Do sore muscles after a workout cause weight gain?

To the extent your muscles grow in response to the stimulus, you might gain weight, but presumably the kind you want. If you are losing fat at the same time (running an overall caloric deficit) then your overall results might be a net weight loss (or hold even as muscle weighs more than fat for a given volume).

The real hazard, and a knock against exercising for weight loss in general, is if your muscles are so sore that you reduce your overall activity for several days, that is, activity you might have normally engaged in. I typically advise clients to be mindful of that between workout sessions.

What happens when you start exercising every other day?

There are a lot of benefits to exercising 3–4x a week.Benefits can be, but not limited to:Mental clarityReduced stressSelf-confidenceOverall mood improvementMeeting other motivated people (building connections)An escape from general lifeStrength for daily tasksIncreased enduranceIncreased metabolismMakes you more interesting (you ever see a fit person and say

What effect does exercise have on sleep?

Self-rated sleep quality and overall sleep duration, sleep scientists like to spotlight the underlying sleep architecture. Sleep is not one thing . It is composed of several different processes. It appears that each of these different types of sleep seem to be independently important. Each has its own homeostatic process , that is selectively depriving a person of

Do the rich want other people to become rich?

I think that largely depends on the individual. There are a number of wealthy people who have written books on wealth, mentored people, supported businesses, etc. Some people (like myself) like to help other succeed, which is why I write on Quora. I spent years as a Paramedic working with the urban