Do spiders scream?

Not as we know screaming. Spiders do not have vocal chords and breathe through book lungs rather than their mouths like us humans. Furthermore, most spiders are not social and only communicate to eachother when they want to mate or to ward off enemies. To do this, they stridulate, use vibrations from their legs, abdomen, or pedipalps, or use pheromone laden webbing. Since female spiders regularly eat males and their young, they couldn't care if their victims screamed or not. They might take a threatening fang bearing pose or release irritating hairs from their bodies. I am not sure if social spiders have some sort of warning communication for the spiders they share their web with, but I have a feeling that it is not screaming.

No, they don't vocalize in any way. They do, however, make sounds. Some vibrate their abdomens in a way that could be faintly audible; this is a signaling behavior used to communicate with prospective mates. Others "stridulate," or scrape stiff body parts against another surface to make a buzzing sound. The chelicerae, or jaws, might be involved. Some larger spiders can be heard to hiss when disturbed; again, it's the stridulation.

Is it necessary to go to the culinary schools to get into a professional career?

No way.Culinary school is a great way to learn theory and some food science but when you finish, you're no closer to being a chef than a guy who walked into a restaurant off the street. Either way, you have to start at the

With the recent ban on cow slaughter, is India transitioning from a secular to a religious country?

I would agree in part with your view. Indeed, India is losing its status as one of the truly secular nations on this earth where the indigenous population comprises of people of multiple faiths and sub faiths. But, I do not think this is a religious transition.

Why do people zone out?

Ever hear a computer get really loud as it allocates more and more processing power to a task? Well, it's kind of like that. Sometimes your brain allows typically conscious areas to be utilized for background processing, like updates. Mostly it's just personal