Do teachers remember school students after 15 years?

First of all, if you're going to thank him for his contributions to your life, then YES go up and thank him. That's how teachers get paid back for the hours of disruptions and hateful comments students say in-the-moment; the students return a year later and say one nice comment, where they remind you of little things you said that changed their viewpoint on life. I've had students recite my words back (I don't remember having said it, but it sure sounds like something I've said), and tell my how it impacted them since then.

And likely your teacher does remember you. I saw my second grade teacher again recently, and she recited my entire trip to Disney World at age 7, because I had wrote it into an essay. Upon seeing me, my high school teachers asked me if I became a (insert career here), a career that I wanted to pursue at age 17 but changed my mind on at age 19, and had forgotten about by age 21.

Only one of my former teachers hit me, and that was purely out of love. And she was right... I was designed to become a math teacher. Anything I did to the contrary was silly, and deserved me getting swat at. :-)

I myself had a former student say hello to me last weekend. I knew his face, but couldn't instantly remember his name, but I knew I knew it. On the drive home, I remembered his name, his handwriting, his grade in my class, and overall personality. And it took me back to a treasure chest of other memories from that year and that class of students.

Point is, when you see a teacher, say Hi! After your parents, and maybe your relatives, teachers are the next most people who raise you. They want to hear if they raised you right, and find out if you're still just as funny/meticulous/athletic/a Cowboys fan as you were at age 8 or 18, and if you still lose all your belongings and act impulsively, or if you've matured since the olden days when you faced disciplinary consequences far too often and drove them crazy.  They want to hear if you now have eight-year-old children, or if you've ever used the knowledge that they painstakingly provided to you.

They love you, otherwise they would have become corporate bankers...

Yes they certainly Do !!

I met my elementary school English literature teacher after 10+ years through Facebook. It was really very nice re-connecting with my favourite teacher after such a long time.

It was when I was 8 years old, I suffered a terrible leg injury which made me incapable of any physical sports and activities during my childhood. I had too little friends during that time and was shy and introvert to make any new friends.

Then came our English teacher who was somewhat the female version of John Keating out of the movie Dead Poets Society who was beautiful in every way. She was lady with an inspiring out look on life that cared for every student that comes her way. She taught me to be confident and positive in my approach towards life, which made me believe without question that sometimes a teacher can be a friend too.

We will probably never forget that person because we owe a little part of our identity, who we truly are, to them. Without them we might never have become the person we are today.

I am now in my pre-final year of Bachelor's degree and I believe teachers are a true inspiration in every student's life. I contacted her through Facebook

Teachers have been the first guidance and role model to me in my childhood. Teachers play a vital role in grooming the children apart from teaching.

                My mother is a teacher and she has definitely set as an example to many others. She proved that there are more responsibilities for a teacher apart from teaching. She has working experience of 13 or 14 years approximately. Yet she can recollect her very first batch of 12th grade students. At times, she would share her experiences of her first day at school as a teacher. The queries, the scoldings(she scolds students a bit, yet nice to them), the fun, the interaction etc.. She can still name most of the students she has taught at school. While it is not possible to remember each and everyone(she is also a human) but given some instances where the student has personally interacted with her, I assure you, she would identify in no time. Apart from teaching, Teachers have always admired the students at times. And I have admired her admiration :-)

              For you, I think you can just give it a shot. There is nothing you can lose even if you have to introduce yourself again. But your teacher would feel more pleased when you speak to him after a long time. He may or may not respond well at that time. But surely he would feel contented to know his students still remember him:-)

I remember my students (this is my twelfth year teaching) even though their appearance changes quite a bit from age 8 to 18+.

However, even if he couldn't place you, stopping a teacher to say that he inspired you and changed your life for the better is amazing. I speak on behalf of all teachers when I say that it is never wrong to contact a teacher to praise him for his influence!

My mother taught kindergarten for about 30 years, and sometimes she couldn't find a name (especially since the difference between a five-year-old and a thirty-five-year-old is considerable). Be kind, and feel free to begin with, "My name is Ellen, and you were my third grade teacher in 1985. I had to come over here to say hello because I still remember you so fondly!"
Go talk to him, especially if  you want to tell him how his teaching inspired you to succeed in your field.  If he looks puzzled like he's searching for a name, freely give him the helpful information he needs: your name, the year and class you were in, the school, where you sat in the classroom, more easily remembered classmates. He'll be very interested in hearing what you've done with your life since you were his student, all the more if he sees how his efforts helped  you to get where you are.  He'll be beaming for weeks on end.  It'll truly make his day!
Hi, i don' think every teachers can remember her every individual student. Because every student life can cross up to 30 - 50 teachers max but that's not the case if we consider in teachers life even in the academic year. She has to cross many students for a year and each new set.

To the truth of my soul even i forgot some of my teachers name.

In teacher's case i think the one who is in regular contact can be remembered and the most mischievous one or in some student where teacher got attracted can be remembered. Otherwise slowly their memory used to forget. That's the nature. But if we introduce to her/him that we are one of their old student, sure they will not neglect otherwise they become very happy.

Most of the people may argue like i was the top class student or top school student in rank wise, why don't she remember me. If that's the case each year a student will score high how is that possible for her to remember every one.
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