Do teens take life seriously?

Since I'm a teen myself, I shall present my own distinct insight of life. From my point of view, life can interpreted in multiple different, infinite ways; all up to the individual/perceiver to grasp and comprehend. Therefore, each person has their own view of the universe, and how it operates. Whether life should be taken seriously, or not is completely up to the individual, and there must also be an in-depth substance and meaning towards what you consider the seriousness to be. Maybe you consider seriousness to be getting a formal education- finishing high school, going to college, getting a job and then eventually starting a family. If you consider that to be ‘serious', then a lot of people from preceding history didn't abide by such norms, including many of today's rising entrepreneurs and considered prodigies. Based on that ideology, they may not take life too seriously, and live by whatever standards they feel like suit them best- being themselves.

It's all dependent upon one's perception, so that's just one of several ways of seeing how someone else takes part in the play of which is ‘life'.

My simplest personal philosophy is to not take life seriously at all, to live in the moment, be yourself to the purest degree, and to keep an open mind to all sorts of beliefs, ideas and considered ‘truths' or ‘facts' - regardless of what age or norm based society I reside within, because it's all just a ride like Bill Hicks once said ;)

What are the best lifting exercises for working out the inner thigh?

A toned, shapely and proportionate body is the result of hard work, dedication, and discipline. But no matter how hard you exercise or how healthy you eat, there are certain problem-areas such as the tummy, upper arms, inner thighs and hips were the stubborn fat seem to be deposited permanently, and it just doesn't

My parents won't let me hug/kiss my boyfriend. How should I deal with this?

Wow. As a parent (of now grown children) this question confuses me too. The parent in me automatically responds "respect your parents damn it". Then the human side tells that side to shut up and relax. I wasn't nearly as strict as your parents, but I think good parents are always concerned for their child's well being. I'd

What will happen if I do 100 pull-ups a day for 3 months?

Doing 100 Pull ups a day will do nothing for you, except :Drain you off your energyBurnout of your muscle fibersShrinking muscles due to no restCause imbalance in push and pull musclesThe imbalance will lead to further complications of worn out jointsYou'll look extremely weird and funnyWhat's important is to strike a balance in exercises.