Do the Great Apes have the same vision humans do?

The physical ability to see between chimps and human is comparable but vision requires a lot more than just passing information along the optic nerve. There are 9 visual areas processing vision at the back of the head before visual information is passed on via two paths to the front of the brain where visual awareness occurs.

To give an extreme example, frogs have good eyes but are unable to recognise flies unless they move. A frog will starve even if surrounded by freshly dead flies. It effectively can not ‘see' or ‘perceive' or recognise the fly unless it is flying around.

The difference between chimps and humans is liable to far more subtle than that, if a difference exists at all. Text probably appears as a bunch of meaningless squiggles as it does to human children, chimps recognise objects and faces so we can assume that any difference is very subtle. In fact the chimp can recognise things in the forest that we can't, but whether this is by training or intrinsic to their visual system is unknown, even the phenomena is not well established.

Note that the colour we see is a construct created in visual area V4 based on visual information gathered by the eyes much the same as we ‘see' only one depth but it is actually made up of a number of visual cues, people with one eye still see depth but not as well, especially up close (stereo vision helps for seeing depth up to a few meters only). Thus is impossible to say if chimps ‘see' the same colours. There is another way to perceive colour. An animal could see colour as a continuous change in a visual property across the colour spectrum from what we perceive to be red to what we perceive to be blue. We actually see black-white contrast in this way, a smooth transition from black to white through shades of grey. It is possible special effects to break up the grey scale into steps to imitate the colour steps (eg the rainbow) and by extension we can imagine what it would be like to see a smooth transition of colour.

Yes no difference at all we are great apes!! we see 3 colours so do they. in terms of evolution though an Eagles eye is far more advanced, it can see a field mouse from way up in the sky. This is because birds are dinosaurs & have had longer to evolve. So religious people talking about if you found a watch perfectly made you would know it had been created are barking mad. If God created it he preferred eagles, cockroaches & beetles to humans. Every species on the planet evolved to be superior to us in different ways. more luck than judgement that we have dominion over the world, we wouldn't of won a fight against a bear tiger crocodile or shark before we invented weapons now would we?

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