Do the freedoms that once made America great still make America great?

It is the responsibly of the person to respectfully use their given freedoms to benefit the whole United States. Whether it be by making your home as good as it can get for you or changing the world for the better. It is what standards that we have allowed some to slide by with that has allowed us to slide down this slippery slope.... When Americans finally decide that it's not time to cry about stupid things like color and focus on how we are going to keep this planet alive for the future of all species on this planet. Life is the answer to life and we are not doing all we can to say that to the universe cause it's watching closer than u think...

Yes in fact supreme court Ruled hate speech is free speech do you have that?

What are some awesome facts about New Zealand?

Apart from the obvious facts that you can get through Google, here is a really awesome fact about NZ.NZ is the only country in the world that provides a no-fault accident compensation. We pay a small levy for this (1.45% of our income tax).Accidents could range anything from 'someone punching in your face' to

What did you find most surprising about visiting a third-world country?

For me, it was the discovery that the rural farmers of Egypt were the happiest people I had ever met.These people lived much as their ancestors had for thousands of years - no electricity, no motor vehicles. The city had horse-drawn