Do the stars move in the sky? Why?

The rotation of the Earth produces apparent movement, as does the yearly orbit.

There is also Proper motion. which is also from an Earthly viewpoint, but too small to be seen without detailed measurement. But was correctly suspected because some stars were not where Greek sky-charts had placed them.

Our sun and all the other stars have quite fast movements in their orbits round the galaxy. Tens of kilometres per second. But not easy to spot, because the distances are gigantic.

Stars with similar motions are assumed to have a common origin. Mostly as a dispersing Open Cluster.

Yes, all objects in the universe move. However, stars are so far away that it takes years of precise measurements to calculate their speeds.

A simpler method is to measure the shift in their light emissions. If they are moving towards us, their spectra are shifted toward blue, and those moving away are shifted toward red. Those moving laterally require long term positional observations, since their light is not shifted.

Yes, they are actually moving to some degree. It's just that the distance is so great they appear to be static. Plus, if you believe the universe is still expanding then you must believe everything is moving, which they are.

Does the speed of light slow down while it passes by the black hole?

Yes. The Shapiro delay, which is a measurement of an extended round trip, is a classic experiment confirming General Relativity:

Is the saying 'might makes right' right or wrong? Why?

The concept here is that power to enforce one's will is the same as moral high ground. This is an old concept which is evidenced in judgement by combat. Two parties disagree and the king says to fight it out and winner take all. Perhaps this is

What is the most creative meal you have ever eaten?

I started to chuckle reading this question. Both my grandmothers were horrible cooks, but I was closer to my dad's mother. One time my parents and I went to my grandparents house for dinner. Honestly...I loved my grandmother dearly, but I dreaded going to visit them and have dinner. Well...that night she made what she called ‘beechey