Do tribal people really have faith in their traditions?

Faith is define as believing in what has not yet been seen. It should be noted that faith in it natural existence does not depend on goodness and badness, all you need is get a place to trust your believe and it shall work. Tribal people believe in the tradition both in those they have experienced and those that they are still to experience which many at time times comes to pass. The coming to pass of what they believe in is a clear indication of the involvement of faith.

Hence, my opinion is YES.


What type of person buys a Tesla?

Tesla owners belong to the adoption category of Innovators and Early Adopters from the Law of Diffusion of Innovation (Image below). They comprise of first 2 categories - Innovators and Early Adopters, these people are willing to take risk to experience a

What makes us think more?

Human mind is never thoughtless. But what causes unnecessarily thinking is the lack of control over our mind. One should not let their mind having absurd thoughts constantly. Take the power and stop it then and there. Put your head in some work that needs concentration. Remember, you are not the slave of your mind, rather the opposite.

What's better having an iPhone or an iPad?

Hello,Question at first glance appeared bit funny to me..something like whether I should be buying dishwasher or washing machine..though both are washing device but have different uses. [sorry!] Coming back to your question- If calling is your priority then go for iPhone not iPad. I use both iPad and iPhone and I