Do ugly guys hate pretty girls?

This is a common misconception. Immature guys with low self-esteem hate girls that don't like them back. Yet a girl should never concern herself with what immature guys think. It's not her fault other people want her and she owes those people nothing. A girl should follow her heart and never feel guilty when some one "loves" them.

These immature guys blame women, they blame society, the blame their parents, and they blame other men. Yet they never stop to think about how to make themselves better. If a girl showers every day and eats right, why would she date a guy who doesn't shower and eats garbage.

How frequently can someone marry and divorce?

As quickly as you can sign the papers and pay the filing fees.However, if you expect to get alimony, some states require that you have to have been married for a certain period of time first.Most states award "rehabilitative alimony" which means that the court wants to make sure a spouse

Would Zombies really be able to hunt wild animals?

I would think the only way a zombie could successfully hunt wild animals would be if years had passed and the zombies were a regular sight and animals were used to zombies being among them. If zombies were not constantly chasing them, they could at some point conceivably be able to get close enough to them,

What can I do about knock knees?

Many children have bow legs until the age of 3 and knock knees around 4-5 years of age. By the time they're 6-7 years of age, their legs begin to straighten and align. Knock knee is a curvature of the lower legs which leads to a large gap between the feet and ankles when the knees are touching.