Do vast majority of people apart from those in Karnataka, know the existence of a place called Kodagu (Coorg) which faced floods like Kerala? If so, why was aid not forthcoming for this district apart from what people of Karnataka gave?

Basically, any native of Kodagu tells - "I'am from Kodagu", there will be umpteen number of people who will not recognize outside Karnataka,TN and Kerala. If the same person says I am from Coorg, there are so many who will recognize in the same scenario.

Kodagu is a district which is very well known for so many many reasons.

  1. Kodagu is known for people who join army and fight for the nation. The first Field Marshal of India was from Coorg - Field Marshal Cariappa.
  2. Kodagu is too well known for its Coffee plantations - 50–70% of coffee grown in India is inside Kodagu district!
  3. Kodagu is very very well known for the people in the north east because the tibetian refugees stay in Coorg. They stay at a place called Bailkoppe since 1984. The monastry built in Coorg is very similar to the one in tibet. So Buddhists feel this is the second home.
  4. Kodagu is very well known for tourism. It is also called as the Kashmir or Himanchal of the south. The people visit here to see the scenic beauty of the place, the forest area (Dubare Forest elephant camps), to see the water falls. Enjoy their stays and peace of mind.
  5. Kodagu district is also an interlink from TN or Karnataka to Kerala and also from Mysore-Mangalore route. It is a superb scenic route which got gushed and ruined during these floods.

So every one in India knows Kodagu very very well.

Aid also has come quick and fast. It has come in terms of essential supplies and also in terms of money. There is vast devastation all over the place. The whole district's topology is very much damaged.

Basically, many people from Maharashtra, Andra, Telangana, North and North East have contributed. Even foreign funds have come from trusts. The difference in aid is that Kerala has seen government aid also coming fast. But in Kodagu district, government aid from central and State is not so fast. The aid has come from TV channels, trusts, Kodava Samaja (The Kodava trust) and other agencies. Governments have not been too fast to react.

The expectation is not only about trusts and channels providing a financial aid. Due to such a vast destruction, the governments must have reacted as fast as how they reacted in Kerala.

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