Do warm-up exercises help to reduce weight?

Warm up exercises have to be done *before* a MAIN exercise program or sport . The function of the warm up exercises is to bring your body temperature and heart rate to a level from where you can start the real exercise . and more importantly it helps your muscles prepare for the exercise to be performed .

But if you want to get rid of that extra fat hanging , go for cardio exercises , like running , treadmill running , swimming , step exercises , cycling etc . and when you want to target any specific areas with excess fat deposits . continue with area specific exercise like crunches for tummy , side leg raises for waist (obliques) , biceps curls for arm etc . goodluck :)

I want to get fit but I'm far too self conscious to go out and run. How can I stay healthy without exposing myself until I get to a respectable level?

Like my bio says...I've been there.Being the fat guy at the gym was always BMI was about 35. Thats where I started until I came across a free bodyweight circuit training routine at  It's really inclusive for a bodyweight routine and it's a workout that you can do at home without equipment.

What is the biggest mistake gym goers make on leg day?

The idea of a leg day may be a big mistake by itself. People shouldn't isolate one part of their body on one specific day and focus on something else on another day. You should be doing a variety of movements on any

How does a person learn how to swim quickly?

You can check out loads of tips, tricks and techniques online but if you want to be able to learn swimming on your own, the most important aspect (according to me and I speak from experience) is losing the fear of