Do water saving shower heads save water or elongate shower time?

A hot shower on a cold morning - there's nothing quite like it. Showers aren't the most efficient uses of water, however - the average 8-minute shower wastes about 20 gallons.

That's why many environmentally conscious home and business owners choose to install water saving shower heads.

Most people love their showers. They might not love waking up for work in the morning, but they relish the opportunity to step into a steaming hot shower, relax and reflect for ten minutes or so before they start their day. Why mess with that?

Most shower heads flow at 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). Older shower heads use even more water than that. Most Americans shower for about 8 minutes, meaning they use 20 gallons of water every time they bathe. If you're used to long, luxurious showers, then you're using even more water than that.

Do water-saving shower heads really help?

Water-saving shower heads operate by restricting water flow. Some more advanced models even combine this restricted flow with air to provide the kind of shower experience you're used to with a full-flow showerhead.

The average shower head uses about 2.5 gpm. Some water-saving shower heads use only 1.5 gpm, saving you at least a gallon a minute. If you shower once a day, you'll save 365 gallons of water a year. For the average four-person home, that's 1,460 gallons a year. If the owner of an apartment building switched out his or her shower heads for about 14 tenants, they'd save enough water each year to fill a swimming pool.

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