Do we have a picture of the sun and the moon in the same picture taken from outer space?

Oh ya...

Because the Moon orbits the Earth so sometimes the moon is between the Sun and the Earth. when it is directly between them a Solar Eclipse occurs. however most of the time it passes such that it's only in the general direction of the Sun.

The result is that any orbital object that possesses a camera can at certain times of the month take a picture containing both the Moon and the Sun.

Yes. Satellites Snap Solar Eclipse Pictures From Space

We have plenty of such pictures from earth. I photographed this annular eclipse in Rochester, NY on May 10, 1994.

Why is economics regarded as a social science?

The subject of economics entails to the study of individuals markets and the forces that interact with each other in a resource constrained world. Economists unlike physicists and chemists or biologist do not need a microscope or glass beaker for their study. Rather then are more like

What objects would you want to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Follow SWIFTS for any emergency. Shelter, Water, Inginuity, Fitness, Training, and Security.Shelter: anything to protect your body from the elements including your clothes, footwear, roof of sorts over your head, and fire. Dress according to weather, but always wear boots they last longer and protect your feet better.Water: I like to keep two

What makes you feel 'enough'?

When you meditate and connect to the unseen as some may call