Do we love our parents as much as they love us? Will our sons love us as much as we love them?

I'm a daughter and a mother of two sons. Love is such a huge and multifaceted emotion. English is the language of the least amount of words for love. I adore my parents, I appreciate what they've done for me and my siblings and I'm grateful for their many sacrifices. However my love for my boys is an ocean that has no limits of depth. It's an overflowing well that will never, never run dry. I suspect this is an a blessing from God and the way it's supposed to be. When I'm exhausted and when my kids have extracted every ounce of patience and edurance, I always find that there is still a little bit more love. And I also suspect that we love and cherish our children above anyone/anything else so that when they're sick or we're sick or when they've ruined a $30 tube of lipstick or broken your favorite vase or acted like little shits we don't abandon them. I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks!

Measuring love is not like measuring weight, lenght, depths and amounts of something. You will maybe be able to feel it when you receive it, or you will understand someone loves you by the kind way they treats you. Both this ways are not mathematical measurements, thoug, you will never ever be 100% sure you understand others feelings the right way. Often we don't even understand our own feelings.

Then someone use word to describe love. To measure love by words, we need to know that they are really true spoken. We can't know for sure.

I think we must feel it in our self, hear what people say, look at the way they are acting, and then we must add some trust, respect and courage to belive in the love we feel, either we receive it or deliver it or, most luckily both ways. I think this maybe is the safest measurement of love, either between parents and children, between siblings or between lovers and friends.|

I must add, a person that loves you, maybe will treat you worse than a person that don't love you. How love is spelled out, depend on the person giving it. Because all persons are different in most ways, love come in as many different ways, too. Bad persons love, too, but being loved by them will not necessary be as good as being loved by a nicer person. But it is love anyway. Everyone can't get the best love in this world, like everyone can't get the best house, the best job, the best food, the best health or live in the best country. Sometimes we just have to say "thank you, that is good enough" to the things we are given in life, not always wanting something better. How could we know that things would be better for us, before we try them. We can't go throug life trying out everything to maybe be better, then we would have no time enjoying the persons and the things we already have in our lives.

Don't know if this answers your question. To sum it up, parents and sons/daughters love are different felt due to their differents relationships to eachother, therefore it's impossible to messure whom feel the strongest love.

It would have been kind of terrible if love could be messured, I think.

Is Germany the best country for LGBT+ people, as 7% of Germans identify themselves as LGBT+?

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do you agree to something yet feel uneasy about it?do you suddenly look back at something and realize you rushed into a situation or a commitment?are you trying to convince yourself of something you did as being the right choice?do you have regrets of decisions you