Do we really know ourselves the best?

I think you have asked the most important question of all times. Our own knowledge of knowing ourselves is limited to the material world around us. If someone asked us "Who are you?", then the first thing which comes to our mind is our name. Then we associate where the question was being asked. In a college, then you would add your class and subject details. If asked in an professional working organization, then you would add your designation, department etc.
But if you are asked this question, when, you are floating in a nowhere zone and was never given a name. Then what? We would be lost for words. Its because we never searched for ourselves ever. We never asked ourselves "Who am I?"
We made an image of our self of what others believe us to be. I am John and I am a doctor; I am Michael and I am a Engineer. I am Ram and I am a businessman.
What if these three were born in different families, country, religion and or different circumstances. Then their answers may have changed.
So whatever we do, wherever we are born there is something which always carries with us and other things we acquire from the outside world. Some people go to the extremities of physical abilities and test the potential of the physical body. And, yes the human body can do things, which otherwise seems impossible. But still it has potential beyond our regular knowledge.
To know oneself, one needs to dive inside and search within our self. It is as vast as the universe, as deep as the ocean, as endless as the sky. You need to start the search and it starts from Home. The body is your Home. Dig deep and go to the end of the abyss. It is a blissful experience which cannot be described in words. It is equivalent to being enlightened to know yourself. The day you know yourself, you will be filled with love and compassion. It will overflow from you and synchronize with everything around you; rocks, mountains, ocean, river, animals, humans, sky and the universe. You will become one with nature. You will be capable to understand the language of the universe.
This is just a beginning of the experience and maybe I could explain only .01% of what you would experience.
Start the journey today and don't judge any results. Just keep moving down the slide and enjoy the ride

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Do we really know ourselves the best?There is always a two side answer.First fundamental question comes to mind is Do we really want to know ourselves properly?Is the question asked from soul level?Or Is the question coming from Hilarious cells of mind?Sometimes these Hilarious cells of mind is known as hypocrits fallacy.

If we really want to know ourselves we need to follow several steps.

First of these is Facing Harsh mirror.Under this rule we first remove all our goods and bads from our mind such that no third emotional impulse come in between our mind and pointed question.

Secondly we need to face pointed questions towards ourselves.

Thirdly repeatedly asking pointed questions towards self for every activities that we do all the day.

Iterating and repeating these tasks for at least 20 years will give you some view regarding yourself

Depends which self you are talking about.

True self, as conscious, spiritual being,

or personal self, as the erroneous identification with the activities of mind and the subsequent bodily reactivity.. i.e., the ephemeral self.

The latter is ever changing and unpredictable at times. It cannot know itself for it is through conscious being that it is known.

The former is the immutable, eternal being. The knower and the known at once disappear. Only the knowing remains.

Its only you who knows yourself the best. No one else can read your mind better than yourself. Not even the astrologers :D

You are pretty much aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and ambitions, your likes and dislikes, etc. So I think no one can really know you better than you yourself.

There is no wisdom (about why) w/o self knowledge. If you do not know yourself at all, only then can others see the scale of the flaws you refuse to address. "This day and age" does not hugely change that. The data collected on people in general you appear to obliquely refer to, is always going to be massively secondary to the introspection & self awareness we require, to be fully sane, balanced & knowing of ourselves.

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