Do we really need a 4K phone in India?

Because they can buy it.
A major portion of people buy quad core cellphone with  full hd screens for 50k + price tag only to pay candy crush or subway surfer at the most.
Buying 4k screen smartphone will be only usefull to watch 4k video.
Since when the technology has started discriminating people living in different regions.
As for the answer
We don't need a 4k phone even quad HD phones are a overkill. 500 plus ppi really our eyes can only distinguish upto 300 ppi so the phone manufacturers should focus on the features that make sense like a better battery life wireless charging and all.
But I find one use for 4k smartphones that is in VR headset where a higher resolution screen has a significant effect on the user experience.
I am totally agree with others too. Actually rite now thr is very less content available in 4k but in comming future, we definately hav 4k smartphone..
this year many smartphone company launched thr phones with 2k display n they have remarkable display but on other hand iphone and htc still using thr 720p n 1080p displays, both display still looks great as they have more than 350 ppi..
Although the difference between a full hd screen and 4k screen on phone is hardly noticeable but its a move towards future and is well appreciated.
Uses are minimum and it also drains lot of battery. Till now its just a feature you can show off but world is moving fast.
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