Do we really need a cellphone?

If you think little bit outside the box, Then I can answer your question.

See in 80's and 90's do we have cell phones? No.

People use to talk on landline, fixed plan, meeting etc and stayed on plan. Even that time too we have computers, we used to get mails and work according to it.

Now what happens some myth came out and took big space of our mind I.e. life is fast, digital world, insecurity, world in small package etc. Etc.etc.

Now due to all this myth we human being becomes slave to gadgets. We become Idiots. Now if you are eating and your mobile rings, you just walk out from the middle of your meal and starts talking. if it is bed time you just finishes your emails, whatsapp, facebook messages to read because you never know if tomorrow will come or not.

not only this now a days we use to take selfies and put it on the FB, whatsapp, insta etc etc just to show how dumb one is.

if you are having mobile then indian people will always tell you one thing "yaar abhi nahi ho paayega baadme milte hai" or "bhai iss taraf aa" because you are having mobile and you can change plan anytime like an idiot.

now a days if small kid is crying then mom dad use to give mobile to them "beta see light is coming from mobile..see see" then somehow your child stops crying and starts thinking what was that ? :P

if you are travelling in local metro etc etc...then mobile phones are very usefull to play games, to show off..."yes sir your work will be done" "abhi mail forward kar deta hu", "hello sir client se baat ho gayi hai" or " kaam ho gaya hai"

we People made our life hard and not easy. Just think when we did not have mobiles no work pressure, family time was perfect, no DP ka problem, love birds were in limits. But sad part is from class 10th student to 100 year old man wants mobile.

Yes, we do need. because now-a-days most of our loved one live at a far distance place to us. So in order to convey any message in quick and efficient manner it is required. But at the same time we need to understand that it is just a tool in our hands for communication purpose.

Problem begins when we become too much dependent on the tool or use it in destructive manner.

All tool are made to fulfill some purpose, so if we use it for that purpose then it is helpful, otherwise not. For ex. mercedes-benz is intented for driving on road, but if we use to plow the field then we are in trouble.

Here's my answer for every college going student!

  1. Right from ‘proxy laga dio bhai' to ‘aaj mass bunk hai bhai', this is the only device which comes to rescue us.
  2. ‘Bhai voh wala assignment bhej naa' the saviour always saves you.
  3. *khichaaak* the sweet sound of screenshot which you take of your crush's picture! All is done by my bestie- cellphone
  4. After break up, those breakup songs it plays it all and never gets fed up from your weird choice of wackiest songs!

And then someone asks us if your really need a cellphone?

*Wink wink*

Thanks :)

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